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Utvalgte publikasjoner

Utvalgte publikasjoner

Innsendte artikler:

  • Low, Rand K. Y., Faff, Robert and Aas, Kjersti: "Beyond the 1/N benchmark: Applying copula estimations to mean-variance optimization".
  • Aas, Kjersti and Puccetti, Giovanni: "Bounds for total economic capital: the DNB case study".
  • Haugen, Marion and Moger, Trond. A.:"A frailty analysis of time to defection for commercial car insurance data".
  • Orskaug, Elisabeth, Haug, Ola, Frigessi, Arnoldo, Guttorp, Peter and Scheel, Ida: "Bayesian spatial calibration of dynamical downscaling of precipitation via Doksum’s shift function".
  • Hobæk Haff, Ingrid and Segers, Johan: "Non-parametric estimation of pair-copula constructions with the empirical pair-copula".
  • Scheel, Ida, Frigessi, Arnoldo, Hammer, Hugo and Storvik, Bård: "A Bayesian strategy for ranking customers by individual unobserved estimated risk factors".
  • Ferkingstad, Egil and Løland, Anders: "Coping with area price risk in electricity markets: Forecasting Contracts for Difference in the Nordic power market".

Vitenskapelige artikler:


  • Aas, Kjersti, Neef, Linda R., Raabe, Dag and Vårli, Ingborg D.: A simulation-based ALM model in practical use by a Norwegian Life Insurance company, accepted for publication in "Modern Problem in Insurance Mathematics", Springer.
  • Günther, Clara-Cecilie, Tvete, Ingunn Fride, Aas, Kjersti and Borgan, Ørnulf: Predicting future claims among high risk policyholders using random effects, accepted for publication in "Modern Problem in Insurance Mathematics", Springer.
  • Løland, Anders; Huseby, Ragnar Bang; Hjort, Nils Lid; Frigessi, Arnoldo: "Statistical corrections of invalid correlation matrices", accepted for publication in Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, June 2013.
  • Günther, Clara-Cecilie, Tvete, Ingunn Fride, Aas, Kjersti and Borgan, Ørnulf: "Modelling and predicting customer churn from an insurance company", accepted for publication in Scandinavian Actuarial Journal, October 2011.
  • Holden, H; Holden, L. Optimal rebalancing of portfolios with transaction costs. Stochastics, accepted for publication in Iternational Journal of Probability and Stochastic Processes, 2012.
  • Hobæk Haff, Ingrid: "Parameter estimation for pair-copula constructions", accepted for publication in Bernoulli Journal, October 2011.
  • Scheel, Ida; Ferkingstad, Egil; Frigessi, Arnoldo; Haug, Ola; Hinnerichsen, Mikkel & Meze-Hausken, Elisabeth. A Bayesian hierarchical model with spatial variable selection: the effect of weather on insurance claims. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C (Applied Statistics), 62, s 85- 100, 2013.


  • Løland, A.; Ferkingstad, E.; and Wilhelmsen, M., "Forecasting transmission congestion. Journal of Energy Markets, 5, 63-83, 2012.
  • Haug, O.; Orskaug, E.; Scheel, I.; Frigessi, A.; Maraun, D.; and Guttorp, P. "Evaluation and Calibration of Dynamically Downscaled Precipitation over Norwegian Mainland, GEOSTATS 2012.
  • Brechmann, Eike C.; Czado, Claudia; Aas, Kjersti: "Truncated regular vines in high dimensions with application to financial data", Canadian Journal of Statistics, Vol. 40, pp 68-85, No. 1, 2012.
  • Hobæk Haff, Ingrid: "Comparison of estimators for pair-copula constructions", Journal of Multivariate Analysis, Volume 110, Pages 1-188, 2012.


  • Orskaug E., Scheel I., Frigessi A., Guttorp P., Haugen J.E, Tveito O.E., Haug O.,"Evaluation of a dynamic downscaling of Norwegian precipitation", Tellus A, Volume 63, Issue 4, pages 746-756, August 2011.
  • Martino, Sara, Aas, Kjersti, Lindqvist, Ola, Neef, Linda R. and Rue, Håvard: Estimating Stochastic Volatility Models Using Integrated Nested Laplace Approximations , European Journal of Finance, Volume 17, Issue 7, 2011.
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  • Haug, O.; Dimakos, X. K.; Vårdal, J. F.; Aldrin, M. and Meze-Hausken, E., "Future building water loss projections posed by climate change", Scandinavian Actuarial Journal, Volume 2011, Issue 1, 2011.
  • Ferkingstad, Egil; Løland, Anders; Wilhelmsen, Mathilde (2011): Causal modeling and inference for electricity markets [Preprint]. Energy Economics, Vol. 33, Issue 3, May 2011, pp. 404-412.
  • Holden, Lars; Løland, Anders and Lindqvist, Ola: "Valuation of long term, flexible gas contracts", Journal of Derivatives, Vol. 18, Number 3, Spring 2011.
  • Cooke, Roger, Joe Harry and Aas, Kjersti, "Vines Arise", In DEPENDENCE MODELING: Handbook on Vine Copulae , D. Kurowicka and Harry Joe (eds.), World Scientific Publishing Co., February 2011.
  • Aas, Kjersti and Berg, Daniel, "Modelling dependence between financial returns using pair-copula constructions", In DEPENDENCE MODELING: Handbook on Vine Copulae , D. Kurowicka and Harry Joe (eds.), World Scientific Publishing Co., February 2011.


  • Reitan, Trond and Aas, Kjersti: A New Robust Importance Sampling Method for Measuring VaR and ES Allocations for Credit Portfolios, Journal of Credit Risk, Vol 6, No. 4, December 2010.
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  • Løland, Anders and Dimakos, Xeni K.: "Modelling Nord Pool's NO1 area price", Journal of Energy Markets, 3(1), 2010.
  • Dakovic, Rada, Czado, Claudia and Berg, Daniel: Bankruptcy prediction in Norway: a comparison study, Applied Economics Letters Volume 17, Issue 17, 2010.


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       Før 2009

  • Aas, Kjersti, Dimakos, Xeni K and Øksendal, Anders: Risk Capital Aggregation , Risk Management 9(2), April 2007.
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  • Kåresen, K. and Husby, E., A joint state-space model for spot and futures prices, Energy Power Risk Management, 7(8), 2002.

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