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Our vision

Our vision

The vision of NRs Section for Earth Observation is to perform research and development leading to new remote sensing methodology for improved ways of environmental monitoring, natural resource mapping and other applications for public authorities and industry supporting them towards a sustainable utilisation and protection of the nature and additionally helping Norwegian industrys position in international competition. Our ambition is scientifically and technically to stay in the forefront of our key remote sensing disciplines and, additionally, work towards a leading role in new and emerging key disciplines that is foreseen to be important to Norway.

There are other research institutes working within the area of remote sensing in Norway. However, NR has found its unique niche. While other institutes typically are application oriented (like on oceanography and atmospheric research) or focus on specific physical techniques (like inversion modelling), NR is focussing more on generic approaches like statistical methodology and hybrid physical-statistical approaches. Such a focus is also natural since NR is hosting a unique group of mathematical statisticians together with key expertise in many ICT disciplines. When in-depth domain-specific expertise is needed like botanic, forestry, glaciology and oceanography NRs approach is to seek alliances with other research institutes (nationally or internationally) to establish a research team with the necessary momentum.

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