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The objective of the project is to build a framework for mobile wallets that provides the security levels QAA1-4 in a TSM architecture supporting the use of e-Identity cards on the mobile phone.

A mobile wallet allowa people to carry out secure transactions, including identification, payment, loyalty point collection, and service access with their smartphones. The range of services encompasses transactions where a physical card, token, or key of some sort was previously required. Thus, the framework may be said to perform the function of a virtual wallet containing virtual cards. The technology and infrastructure developed in the project can be used to secure contactless payment based on Near Field Communication and Cloud Based Payment.

Our innovation will aid the roll-out of eIDs in European countries by improving user-friendliness. Service providers with high security requirements will benefit from our innovations through easier access to the users and reduced costs for provisioning. SMEs will benefit from increased revenue and sales of the developed technology and expect 5 years post project an accumulated turnover of €168 million from selling the new HighTrustWallet, creating an estimated 1120 jobs.

Latest project news

We have recently presented the prototype developed in this project at the conference eChallenges-2015. The associated paper discusses a number of aspects related to mobile payments, and the relation of security/privacy and user interaction. Please see the reference section on the project page for details.

Updated date: Onsdag, desember 2, 2015 - 11:11


Halbach, Till. A Prototype-Based Case Study of Secure Mobile Payments. Konferanse, Presentation at eChallenges-2015; Vilnius, 25.11.2015 - 26.11.2015.

Halbach, Till. A Prototype-Based Case Study of Secure Mobile Payments. In: eChallenges e-2015 Conference Proceedings. (ISBN 978-1-905824-52-6). 2015.

Project period

April 2014 - April 2016


HighTrustWallet is a project in EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7), under the theme Research for the benefit of SMEs.


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