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MobileSage – Situated Adaptive Guidance for the Mobile Elderly

MobileSage – Situated Adaptive Guidance for the Mobile Elderly

This project targets elderly persons with or without impairments (motor, perception, cognition). The idea behind MobileSage is to provide the elderly with context-sensitive, personalized, and location-sensitive tools that allow them to carry out and solve everyday tasks and problems in the self-serve society when and where they occur, “just-in-time.”

This is made possible by producing and exploiting a mixture of professional and user-generated content that supports the help-for-self-help principle. Help can be provided both in the home environment and on the go. MobileSage denotes a personal agent on the smartphone, aiming to provide relevant, accessible, and usable content in a personalized and multimodal manner, and it exploits mechanisms for adaptive and learning user interfaces.

NR's contribution

NR is project manager and coordinator and involved in user requirement work, system design, implementation, and evaluation.

Benefit for customers

The solution can be used by any individuals (including care persons), companies, interest organization, authorities, and others. There are various benefits:

  • Users of the mobile application can access personalized and context-aware help content on demand.
  • The burden on care persons is reduced.
  • Companies, manufacturers, and vendors can increase the number and size of their target groups.
  • Authorities/interest organizations can provide added value to their citizens/members.

Benefit for society

Virtually all but in particular elderly and impaired users are enabled to stay active members of the society for a longer time.


Latest project news


Jordi presenting MobileSageThe MobileSage Project made a good appareance at the AAL Forum 2013 but didn't succeed in the user voting, even though the decision was announced to have been  "close" at the award ceremony. The entire presentation held by Jordi Rovira Simon is now available on NR's YouTube channel.

Updated date: Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 11:26

Trenton Schulz demonstrating our technology to a visitor of our boothThe MobileSage Project will be represented at this year's AAL Forum with a booth and 2 presentations, one during the Mobility Session A6, and one during the AAL Award Session.

Updated date: Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 11:24

The MobileSage project was chosen as one of the three finalists for the well known AAL Award. There were 19 applicants for the Award before the first evaluation round, and 7 candidates before the second evaluation.

Updated date: Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 09:33



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